Art Therapy and Neurodiversity

Human diversity IS neurodiversity. Neurodivergence is a term that describes differences, or divergences, in human brains.

Art Therapy of MN is a neurodiverse-affirming practice, and most of our therapists identify as being a part of the neurodivergent community themselves. Our therapists utilize a trauma-informed, inclusive, affirming lens of care. Being neurodivergent or within any marginalized group in our society can be chronically distressing, stigmatizing, discriminatory and traumatizing. We utilize trauma-focused interventions that affirm the experiences an individual has had due to their brain, body, gender, sexuality or cultural identification. BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ neurodivergent experiences are additionally unique due to intersecting identities, and we are committed to holding ourselves accountable for continuing to challenge our own beliefs, biases, and knowledge to provide affirming and validating care.

Therapy is a relationship, and a positive therapeutic connection is what creates true success in therapy. A client should feel heard, supported, accepted, validated, challenged, and listened to, while being given honest, playful feedback without any worry about judgement.

All therapists at Art Therapy of MN are trained in and utilize art therapy. Art therapy involves the creation and the process of art-making in order to increase awareness of self and others, and is another form of communication and expression. Art therapy is a neurodiverse-affirming form of care, as it allows someone to process, communicate or express feelings in an alternate way. Anyone can be creative and use art materials, and our art therapists help facilitate therapeutic interventions to help process trauma and emotions.

Types of neurodivergent diagnoses that art therapy works well with include (but are not limited to):

*Image from Emerge Pediatric Therapy